Making a positive difference every day.

In early 2000, American Express executives, Doug Lennick and Jim Choat met for dinner, musing on life beyond the executive suite. They reflected on what they'd learned about leadership, motivation and effectiveness and agreed it would be rewarding to share this powerful knowledge to inspire positive changes in others. That evening, on the back of a napkin, they sketched out ideas for creating a performance enhancement company. While plans gained momentum, long-time colleagues expressed interest in joining, each bringing their distinct talents. Among this accomplished group was Dr. Rick Aberman, a pioneer in the emerging field of emotional intelligence and performance psychology.

The business came together with key players developing a unique approach to performance and achievement: one that provided a pathway to sustained optimal performance for clients. In 2002, working together as Lennick Aberman Group, the team began sharing these performance enhancement methodologies with organizations around the world. As clients started exceeding organizational, professional and personal goals, many were eager to share their knowledge and real world experience as members of Lennick Aberman Group. As the firm's numbers grew, the partners recognized the need for a company name that reflected the profound simplicity and broad-based appeal of its methodologies.

In 2013 the firm became, think2perform. Continuing our founding legacy, we share a vision to enhance the world by improving the decision-making and performance of the people and organizations we touch, and a mission to make a positive difference every day. As think2perform, we strive to help others make the ideal, real.