Bob Nedbal

Senior Vice President

My purpose is to cultivate leaders to create meaningful, purpose-led workplaces, so that people thrive in their work and life. This creates the conditions for a business to achieve its sustainable potential.

Experiences working in high-pressure, high stakes environments motivate me to collaborate with leaders to discover their authentic, servant leadership mindset, and intentionally lead from this place each day. They seek clarity of purpose and values-alignment both personally and for their organizations. They inspire others to do the extraordinary and create lasting relationships with those they serve. They make a positive impact in the world and achieve sustained optimal business performance.

My coaching approach centers on progressive Co-Active and Agile principles, and research on human behavior, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. I do this work as a Senior VP with think2perform where we emphasize self-awareness and emotional competency as the foundational elements for improved decision-making, effective self-management and in turn, authentic leadership.

Before starting this journey, I was Director of Operations and Director of Administration for Scrum Alliance®, the largest professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community with a global membership of 700,000+ agile-minded practitioners, and leaders. During this time, I earned certifications for Certified Agile Leadership I, and for the Scrum team roles of ScrumMaster and Product Owner.

Prior to Scrum Alliance, I held director level positions at CFP Board and American Educational Research Association. Before serving the nonprofit community, I built a $10MM technology consulting business for Sytel, Inc., with clients in Federal Government, nonprofit, and commercial sectors.

My experience spans strategic planning, team coaching and development, information technology, HR, and board governance.