Leadership in the Mountains

 In ski towns like Vail, Colorado the beginning of ski season is the beginning of the peak season for Vail businesses. With influx of customers, as well as an influx in employees, Vail businesses need to be agile in how they create a culure of success to distribute their products and services. To do this effectively and effieciently with a largely transient workforce leadership becomes a high priority. On December 10th Chuck Wachendorfer put together a Breakthrough Leadership workshop with the Vail Chamber of Commerce to help companies in Vail develop and enhance the necessary skills to lead quickly. Here are two videos of Chuck on Good Morning Vail highlighting how the Breakthrough Leadership workshop will help address some key opportuinites for Vail companies.

Highlight of Breakthrough Leadership workshop

Overcoming the challenge of a transient workforce

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Chuck Wachendorfer

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