The Original Values Card Deck

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Why living in alignment is important . . .

For those who desire to be the best they can be in the various roles they have in life, living in alignment is critical. Living in alignment is about aligning one’s “real" behaviors with one’s “ideal" values. It is both as simple and as difficult as that!

This exercise will help you identify the values by which you would ideally live your life. It is important that you think about the “ideal you" and the “real you". With some people the real and ideal are closely matched. With others, they are out of alignment. This exercise is the first step in measuring your alignment.

Client Testimonial

Most direct reports are not used to talking about values when they meet with their manager. Since starting to use the Values cards with my staff, I have been amazed by the response. The conversation flows easier, I learn more about who they are as people, and it provides a connection that simply wasn’t there before.

Client Testimonial

The Values Cards have been a great tool for me to have conversations with clients, friends, peers and family. These conversations lead to a discussion around goals and then around the alignment model. I have even been able to have a discussion about all this with my 8-year-old son.

I use the cards to capture my clients values and then tie these to their financial plan. I ask my clients if I see them living out of alignment if I can call them out on this? They see it as a value-add to our relationship and often want to take the deck home.

All this has helped me better focus on my own values and goals and change my behaviors (thoughts, feelings and/or actions) and align myself back to my own "ideal self"!

A great tool for leaders, managers, individuals, clients, family and friends!